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RRS Discovery photographed leaving Rosyth following its refit. Image credit: Brian Donovan
The RRS Discovery photographed on 25th May leaving Rosyth following its refit. Image credit: Brian Donovan.

The RRS Discovery is at sea again and has left Rosyth (looking noticeably fresher!) after becoming the first Royal Research Ship to be refit at Babcock’s Rosyth facility. The Discovery has since been conducting sea trials and will soon show off its brand-new look at Discovery Point in Dundee, where it will meet to meet its ancestral inspiration in the lead-up to the celebration of 100 years of Discovery.

Scientists, staff, and the Captain and crew operating on the ship will be onboard next weekend ( Friday 2nd-Sunday 4th June) allowing members of the public (be aware this is with tickets only – currently there is a waiting list) to explore this world-leading one-of-a-kind scientific vessel.

Keep an eye out for the RRS Discovery’s arrival from 11 am this morning.