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Getting to the ship

After a long journey from the UK by air, we arrived in Costa Rica. Our luggage was filled with everything we needed for nearly two months away – with no shops. Many of us also carried last-minute science supplies needed for the expedition. We arrived in San José and made our way to the port of Caldera by road. 


Welcome to the port of Caldera, Costa Rica

Arriving at Caldera

Arriving at the port with too much luggage


boat transfer

Boat transfer to the James Cook with even more luggage. 

The first members of the science party joined the Royal Research Ship James Cook while it was still at anchor. This required a boat transfer. We were taken by the port authority on a small boat to the ship, where we climbed a rope ladder to get on deck. All our luggage was hauled onboard piece-by-piece with a rope. 

The rest of the science party arrived once the ship was alongside for the final loading of fuel.

RRS James Cook in Costa Rica

First view of the RRS James Cook for this expedition.